Design, art, symmetry, harmony…elements of creation are present in everything around us and what we do. Design itself is woven into the very fabric of life. Symmetry acting in perfect harmony is present in the double helix, our own DNA strands that effortlessly support the code of our reproduction and our life. We are design at the smallest level in a world filled with expressions of design through the portal of creation.

Everything in nature from the smallest insect to a leaf, a flower, a bird, an animal, to the winds that blow and rain that falls, everything, and I mean everything adheres to a rhythm, a flow, a pattern. Patters exists in the movements of seasons, the moon, the sun…insects and all animal life have incredible expressions of art in their colors, body shapes, and are each created serving a purpose. I think these observations are the sweet fruits of life. The observation that beauty and its creation, the design and harmony within it, is awe inspiring.

Plant in Tulum, Mexico . Copyright Aesthetik 2019

On a recent trip to Mexico I spotted the rhythm of design not only in nature but also in some of the decorations that were man made. It reminded me that we as humans, when we create, we are also expressing art through design. Our creations as humans are limitless like the millions of designs we find in nature. We almost cannot help it. We create as an extension of our beings because we are of creation itself. The invisible hand that guides our existence.

I fell in love with the image below of a decorated ceiling in a hut in a Mexican market while visiting Tulum. The patterns were created from ornate papers on a string. The rich colors echo the vibrant culture. Design is all around us. Beauty is everywhere.

Ceiling design in a Mexican market hut. Copyright Aesthetik 2019
A sea twig. Copyright Aesthetik 2019