FAQ - Design

What is Visual Communication?

Whether it’s a web site, logo, products, stationary, advertisements, flyers, business cards, social media profiles, etc., your company’s brand identity is rooted in how a person receives information about your business visually. How the colors, space, shapes, and messages of your company read across your business when people think about it. Across different platforms of communication.  How are you communicating your brand? I view it as your overall brand composition. How cohesive is it?  

Business and industries continue to grow and competition increases. It’s not a scary thing, it’s a necessary thing in order to flourish. You have to evolve along with the times and the market. Grow. A part of growth is placing importance on how your brand looks in addition to the quality of your product or service.

The Visual Communication Design of your brand is an investment back into your business, into yourself.  When you have a quality product/service, combined with overall beautiful packaging of your business, it will pay off monetarily as well as giving you  sense of pride and growth.

How much do you charge?

Aesthetik bills a standard base rate of $45p/h* however, additional costs can arise based on need (as well as additional discounts based on volume of work), so to give the best quote some information needs to be provided. Fill out a quick questionnaire detailing what is needed, by when, and about your business.

How long does it take?
  • It varies. Aesthetik is a big believer in efficiency. While working in a streamlined process one of the aims is always to get the quickest turnaround/meet extreme deadlines, we don’t skimp on quality. Quality involves some time taken to research your market, brand, competition, audience, the needs of your market…this is the information gathering stage. This is important as the design will be representative of your company and has to simply and effectively communicate your product to your customer.
  • Initial design will ready within the week but the crafting might take a month as the designs go through a natural evolutionary stage as Aesthetik works with you along the idea path.
  • It is important to communicate your needs so they are met. Please fill out a Design Brief before we get started. This will aid in providing you with the best pricing package.
What role do you play in the design process?

A big one. In fact, view Aesthetik as your creative tool that helps translate your business ideas into a visual format. We work together. The information you communicate will help guide the translation of ideas into visual representations of your business. You will receive some questions for guidance and the rest is up to Aesthetik to make an effective design.

What if we are in different countries?

Isn’t that great?! Because we can work together nonetheless.  The flattening of our world through technology has allowed us to cut cost and time and still do business! Aesthetik is available via Skype, email, phone, and social media.

What if I have more questions?

Please email and ask!


*Hourly rate is subject to change in accordance with business market, quality, and value growth. The web site as well as clients will be notified of changes and all contracts will reflect such changes.

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