A photographer and designer based in Illinois


Born in Moscow, Russia, Anna Vinn is a third generation visual artist. She is a graduate of DePaul University Chicago, with experience ranging from photography to large-scale canvas and mixed multimedia. Her core concepts are rooted in color, shape, feeling, lighting, balance and composition. Influenced by fashion, music, philosophy, and a vast array of art disciplines, she seeks to create a dream-like vision of her own, upholding an Aesthetik* that connects humanity to its creative life force.

“I love art that causes you to stop and look for a period of time… time that the images are suspended in. You become suspended in time with them, appreciating, inspecting, and curiously poking around with your own imagination.In my work  I aim to capture the time in moments. The beauty that surrounds the moments. For me, everything has art in it. How a branch bends, how the clouds sway, how a person holds a pen…everything has a moment, a flow, a rhythm, personality. I try to capture that in my work.

My style is always evolving but core concepts are rooted in color, shapes, composition, mood, feeling, lighting. Contrast is a favorite visual tool for me with sharpness and richness highlighting the content.
I take the creative route in processing my work, focusing on people, places, and the world around me.

Everything around me seems to belong to a narrative and I am one of the storytellers.Thank you for stopping by and please enjoy getting to know me through my work”.

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